The Lost Codex of Avalon

The Lost Codex of Avalon: Pre-Order

$14.95 (USD)

A unique medieval and fantasy collaboration between composer and performer David Yardley and some of Australia’s finest musicians from the Sydney Chamber Choir, the Song Company and Pastance.  Inspired by his lifelong immersion in authentic medieval sound, Yardley’s compositions conjure lost music of the mythic isle of Avalon, from Arthurian legend. The album journeys through long-forgotten medieval texts, whose music from their own time has not survived, as well as musical settings of evocative fantasy poetry and contemporary Australian works.

A video with the stunning sound of The Song Company, rehearsing before our recording, is available here, along with some more info about the album.

Click below to order the new album, at the early discount price of $14.95 (USD). You will receive the music from the album as a direct download and on CD, as well as an album booklet. Five percent of all proceeds will go to charities supporting artists during the pandemic.

David Yardley:New Carols and Songs for Chaucer’s Pilgrims

$13.95 (USD)

Using authentic medieval English carol lyrics, this is a recording of thirteen new works, composed by David Yardley and recorded by some of Australia’s finest choral musicians. The music aims to reflect the spirit of the medieval period in a way to appeal to the modern ear, breathing new life into these beautiful forgotten words from the past.