“Our ears transport us back to the medieval world”

For me, music is not the warm blanket, the quiet cows in the meadow. Nor is it arcane sophistry, braying from the ivory tower. It is the mythic sword of flames. It is the mournful tolling bell, the impenetrable blackness of the blasted abyss. It is soaring cold peaks and the mystical Elven vale. It is lightning and sulphur, elation and sorrow, dark emerald and dungeon stone.

Put Another Groat In The Dukebox, Milady: Twelve virtually-forgotten Playford English Country Dances, with all new reconstructions and musical arrangements – Digital Download

English Country Dances from John Playford’s The English Dancing Master Volume 1 (1650/1) – Digital Download

These new reconstructions and musical arrangements breathe new life into twelve virtually-forgotten English Country Dances. Dance reconstructions by Jeanette Lockeforte aka Jeanette Dunnett; musical arrangements by David Yardley aka Geoffrey of Exeter. Album contains danceable versions performed on high-quality historical instrument synthesisers.

The twelve Playford dances on the album are: Irish Trot; The Bath; A Souldier’s Life; The Whish; Saraband; The Country Coll; Cast A Bell; Skellamefago; Lady Spellor; Lady Lie Near Me; Have At Thy Coat, Old Woman; Irish Lady.

Download also includes booklet with details of dance reconstructions; sheet music for arrangements available on request to [email protected]





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